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This Web Site is designed, updated and maintained by resident volunteers at Foxwood.

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Overview Page Answers the question,
“What’s the Best Thing About Foxwood Springs?”

Foxwood Springs, In MISSOURI Close to the KANSAS Border, Is Located at:
1500 W Foxwood Dr, Raymore, MO 64083 (south from Kansas City)

A picture depicting "All the Comforts of Home."

“I like the completeness of the facilities.  You can move here as soon as you’re 55 years old, make friends and get involved in the community. As you get older and need more care, you’ll be in a place where you’ll be taken care of.”
– Frances Cook

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Foxwood Springs is a beautiful and inviting retirement community in Raymore, Missouri.  Located in scenic small-town type ambiance, it welcomes its residents with lovely gardens and grounds, thoughtfully designed living quarters, and a community of caring friends.

Whether you want spacious living in a Privately-Owned Garden Home, enjoy the convenience of an Apartment, or take advantage of the care available in the Personalized Assisted Living Facility or The Care Center / Skilled Nursing Center, you will find just the right answer.  Our continuum of care, which also includes the Clare Bridge Gardens/Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Center, ensures that as your needs change, you will always enjoy the balance of independence and care you desire.

Even when you choose the lifestyle of a Privately-Owned Garden Home or an Apartment, you are only the pull of a cord away from security and emergency assistance.

Fall 2012 at Foxwood Springs - CLICK for enlargement

Fall 2012 at Foxwood Springs

A picture that says, "Baby, it's cold out there."  (Click on picture for larger view - then "Back")

And in the middle of a winter snowfall, you can enjoy the delicious luxury of watching from your cozy living room as the maintenance staff shovels your driveway or sidewalk - it’s just one of the year-round services that give you a safe, beautifully maintained home with none of the exertion.

If you choose Personalized Assisted Living, you may discover new possibilities for yourself.  Many such residents say that without the responsibilities of meals and housekeeping, they feel better than ever and have more time to do the things they really enjoy.

The Care Center/Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center offers superior care and a diversified activity program for residents with specialized needs.  The Clare Bridge Gardens/Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Center features unique and optimistic models of care to preserve productivity and enjoyment of life for residents through innovative and nontraditional programs.

A picture of Grandpa and the youngsters fishing.

On-site physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and dental and “Wellness Center” services are centrally located for the convenience of all residents.

The widely  recognized intergenerational programs involve children from the on-site Landis Child Development Center in activities that prove delightful for all who participate.  Landis, children from the local community, relatives,  grandchildren - all keep the residents “thinking young.”

“I like the feeling of wellbeing - our children don’t have to worry about us, and we don’t have to worry about being a burden on them.”   – (quote of one resident)


Are you a swimmer?

A gardener?
shuffle boarder?
A computer buff?
A bicycle rider?

No matter what your favorite hobby is, you can undoubtedly find the facilities and fellow enthusiasts here.

To some people, security means the 24-hour staff that patrols and protects our community.  Others think of the assurance of the continuum of care and the accessibility of Personalized Assisted Living and Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Care if they are needed and space is available.

To others, security is knowing that Foxwood Springs is a financially secure community that gets stronger every year.  It also is knowing that you’ve made the right decision for your retirement years.

Whatever security means to you, you’ll find it here.

Green, green grass of home
Green, green grass of home

Even the kitty-cat likes it there in the sunlight.
Even the kitty-cat likes it there in the sunlight.


The community features an impressive library, a closed-circuit television station, beauty parlor, barber shop, indoor swimming pool, hobby shop, exercise room, Corner Store for groceries and gifts, fishing lake, and four acres of land cultivated each year by resident vegetable gardeners,  and a Computer Lab with a variety of activities on different levels.

Residents are involved in a wide variety of programs and activities, as you will notice from the many activities pages in this Web Site.  Program planning takes the whole-life approach to ensure that the educational, social, spiritual and physical needs of the community are met.

You can fill your days with activities, travel, volunteering or just savoring your retirement, because your days aren’t filled with the chores of home maintenance.

A picture of a Backyard Parish Meeting & "Picnic."
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There is no such thing as a “typical” resident.  People from all places, professions, religions and races mesh into a friendly, neighborly community.  An impressive volunteer program forms a network of caring that touches every resident’s life.
From backyard barbecues to community-wide social events, Foxwood Springs is a “people” place!

When you live here, you learn that people really do care about each other.  Caring isn’t just a cliché.

When you move here, you’ll find yourself in a community of people who believe in the dignity of the individual, the freedom of open expression, the value of involvement in governance, the right of human happiness and the importance of service to one another.  “Caring” is the standard by which we judge our success.

At Foxwood Springs, you’ll put the emphasis on living.  You’ll enjoy a new freedom founded in the security of home, the kinship of community, and the continuum of care.  We are happy to welcome you to our community so you can decide for yourself just what is the best thing about living here.

Our self-contained community is located in Raymore, Missouri, a thriving town south of Kansas City.  With easy access to the metropolitan highway system, you’ll be just minutes away from shopping, dining, and entertainment.  You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: the advantages of a small-town type of community with the amenities of a large metropolitan area.

Deer grazing in Goodson Park
Deer grazing in Goodson Park,
the Foxwood-owned meadow immediately north of the Foxwood campus.

Deer close-up – almost right in your back yard.
Deer close-up – almost right in your back yard.

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Privately-Owned Garden Homes

Privately-Owned Garden Homes

Call during work hours: (816) 318-2200
or write to us at
1500 W Foxwood Dr, Raymore, MO 64083

·      If you would like more detailed information about

·      the Independent Life Style at Foxwood,

·      Home Ownership,

·      Apartment Living,

·      the Personalized Assisted Living Facility,

·      Long-Term and Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing care in The Care Center / Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center,

or any other benefits of living at Foxwood Springs.

·      If you would like to arrange for a representative from Foxwood to come to a group meeting to give a “live” presentation and answer questions in person.

·      If you would like to give us your thoughts about our Web Site.

A picture of the entrance to the Health Care Center. A picture of a statue of two cute kids under an umbrella - fun in the rain.
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